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Occlusal & Sports Guards

Why Choose Mouthguards For Your Child?

At Bubble Gum Kids Dentistry, we understand that every child's smile is unique. That's why we provide tailored mouthguard solutions designed to protect against nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) and ensure safety during sports. Our custom-fitted occlusal and sports mouthguards offer the best protection, allowing your child to play freely or sleep soundly without the risk of dental injuries.

Occlusal vs. Sports Mouthguards: Tailored Dental Protection

Occlusal Mouthguards

Our Occlusal Mouthguards are designed to combat the effects of bruxism, preventing your child from grinding their teeth at night. Made from durable materials, these mouthguards are custom-fitted to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Sports Mouthguards

For young athletes, our Sports Mouthguards are crafted from softer, impact-absorbing materials, providing full coverage of teeth and gums to prevent injuries during physical activities. Customized to fit perfectly, they allow for easy communication and breathing, so your child can focus on the game.

Precision Fit for Maximum Comfort and Protection

Dr. Raphael R. Putrus and our team at Bubble Gum Kids Dentistry take pride in offering mouthguards that are precisely fitted to your child's mouth. Unlike store-bought alternatives, our custom-made guards ensure superior comfort, protection, and durability.

Designed with Young Athletes and Night Grinders in Mind

We select the highest quality materials for our mouthguards, focusing on safety and comfort for your child. Whether it's protecting against nighttime grinding or sports-related impacts, our mouthguards are designed with your child's well-being in mind.

Full-Service Pediatric Dentistry in Michigan

Beyond custom mouthguards, Bubble Gum Kids Dentistry offers a full range of pediatric dental services. From preventative care and cleanings to treating cavities, we're dedicated to maintaining your child's oral health in a welcoming and state-of-the-art environment.

Making Dental Care Accessible: Insurance and Financing

We understand the importance of accessible dental care. That's why we accept most dental insurances and offer flexible financing options through Sunbit, Health Finance Direct, and Care Credit.

Introducing Our Exclusive Bubblegum Kids Dentistry Membership Plan

Worried about not having dental insurance for your child? We've got you covered! Our Bubblegum Kids Dentistry Membership Plan is designed to ensure every child has access to quality dental care. For an annual fee, your child will receive two dental cleanings, exams, and fluoride treatments, along with discounts on other dental treatments, free teledentistry appointments, and more. This plan is our commitment to making pediatric dentistry affordable and accessible.

Schedule Your Child's Smile Consultation Today

Ready to protect your child's smile with a custom-fitted mouthguard or explore our comprehensive dental services? Contact Bubble Gum Kids Dentistry today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Raphael R. Putrus. Our friendly team is eager to assist and provide the highest level of care to our young patients in Warren, Southgate, and Clinton Township, MI.

Contact us to learn more about our services or the Bubblegum Kids Dentistry Membership Plan. Let's give your child the gift of a healthy, protected smile!

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